Disabled International Supports President Bio’s Free Quality Education in Sierra Leone


    Disabled Foundation International Sierra Leone/United Kingdom (DiFSIL), a non profit making organization has commended Sierra Leone’s President for providing free, but quality education for Sierra Leonean pupils.

    DiFSIL is a leading advocacy organisation for people living with disabilities and
    less privileged children.

    Pledging his organisation’s support, the founder and Chief Executive Officer, Madam Imambay Kadie Kamara said education liberates a nation and Sierra Leone’s development hinges on its educated human resource. She added that the educational status was declining and therefore said the president’s commitment to provide a quality education is not only timely but a laudable commitment that will benefit the country.

    She announced that they a presently constructing a building for children living with
    disabilities to be able to access all the facilities meant for the enhancement of their education.

    According her, President Bio has demonstrated that he is an action oriented President who is here to translate his words into action.

    “The President made the promise during his campaign trail,” DiFSIL CEO said, adding that access to free quality education to all children is a way of setting a concrete foundation for generations yet unborn.
    “It is a great news for 1.5 million children to benefit from the free quality education package at the start of the next academic year, September, 2018. She appealed that children living with disabilities should be prioritized and treated fairly.

    Madam Kamara said the Disability Act has not been fully utilized as those disabled students at tertiary institutions were deprived from scholarships during the previous regime. She went on to say that she has been able to note that many children with disabilities were deprived from quality education and some were even abandoned by the society.

    ”This ugly development must stop and we want to see a reverse and the involvement of all children or persons living with disabilities,” she added.

    As a leading advocacy and campaign organization working in partnership with other organisations (both local and international), we will be very delighted to see the increased access to government assisted schools for all children from pre-primary to senior secondary schools across the country.

    She assured that they will continue support the free quality education until the desired result is achieved.

    By Maddieu A A T Kabbah