“We Need Change of Government For A Better Sierra Leone” Prince Jacob Macauley


    One of Sierra Leone’s acclaimed economists and knowledge management specialist, Prince Jacob Macauley has disclosed with optimism that the best option for a better Sierra Leone is a change of Government from the ruling All Peoples Congress party to another determined and well-structured political party.
    He said this change can only be achieved if all Sierra Leoneans resist continuity of the current status quo. He added that, “the wind of change is blowing and the only sincerity is to vote in for a change of political leadership.”
    Prince Macauley described the coming multitier elections slated for March 7 as “crucial and a make and break for Sierra Leone.”
    “While all the political plans, formations and rallies hype up, the common man remains concerned with his daily survival,” he said, adding that “bread and butter still hold its unspoken place as ever before.”
    He therefore urges all presidential candidates to tell Sierra Leoneans their agenda for the country. He acknowledged that over the past two decades, political manifestos have been “just words on paper, whose meaning to the general citizenry remains contrasting to the actual living conditions of even middle income earners”. This, he said emphatically, must stop for the good of all.
    During this difficult moment, he said the youths stand at the brim of vulnerability, trying hard to eke out their living. He questioned, have they started to reflect on what it has been in previous regimes when electorates failed to see flaws and vague expressions in political agendas?
    In as much as this is not the time to cast blames for past mistakes which laid the foundation for the downhill roll the country, Prince Macauley said, “ let us start holding our aspirants accountable to their promises ahead of implementation of proposed policies. He said if this is not done “Sierra Leoneans still vote in vain.”