Greece Hosts 6th International Schools Cricket Tournament

The 6 international Schools Cricket Tournament  hosts by Hellenic Cricket Federation has successfully ended end in Corfu Greece.

Speaking to  Chief Executive Officer of Kent Cricket Club ( KCC), Emmanuel Pessima who sever as  Special Guest at the 6th International Schools Cricket Tournament in Corfu  Greece said it was a great opportunity to learned how to organized and developed cricket.

He said the International Schools Cricket Tournament is an annual programme organised and
managed by the Hellenic Cricket Federation legally authorized to organise cricket in Greece. Students from across the globe – Australia, India, South Africa, England, Denmark, Bulgaria, Italy, Greece etc, share the culture and the natural beauty of the Ionian, a different way of life, passion for cricket and a celebration of cultural diversity and humanity.

The Tournament is devoted to the spirit of cricket and under the philosophy of fair play, respect, diversity and acceptance.

The Kent Cricket Club team was supposed to have participated at the 6th International Schools Cricket tournament but due to lack of financial supports they were not able to cover the air ticket.

However, KCC are hopeful that they would be able to attract more sponsors to enable them to participate in the 7th edition of the tournament in April 2017.

The Hellenic Cricket Federation President, Akis Nikitas said “it was a great pleasure for us to host Emmanuel, who has a great passion for his country, for cricket and tries hard to develop cricket in Sierra Leone. “We will continue to support him in all his efforts to development cricket,” he assured.

Emmanuel Pessima, Chief Executive Officer of Kent Cricket Club (KCC), said: “In a year in which we are focusing on the value of global partnerships, it was a fantastic opportunity to travel to Greece and I am delighted to have linked up with clubs and schools all over the world that would benefit cricket in Sierra Leone immensely”.

“Special thanks to my sponsors, Onlime Business Communications, formerly Limeline, for providing my air ticket, the Hellenic Cricket Federation for providing my accommodations and the Government of Sierra Leone as my visa was processed through the Diplomatic channel by the Ministry of Sports, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and the Sierra Leone High Commission in Abuja, Nigeria” added Emmanuel.

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