Youth Across Sierra Leone Applauds President Bio on Release of Transition Team Report

Ambassador Herbert Bicool Bangura Executive Director Young Peace Builders Sierra Leone

Youth across Sierra Leone has applauds President Bio on the release of
transition team report on the pass government administration.

According to the Ambassador Herbert Bicool Bangura Executive
Director of young peace builders Sierra Leone said they are extremely
happy the way and manner in which President Bio handle the report and
the passion about fight corruption.

Amb Hebert said Many reports including that of the corruption
perception index have us at the top and most due to “bad governance /
failed leadership” in many African countries as the case maybe for
Sierra Leone. In several instances we have blown the trumpet but met
stiff resistance from the powers that being.

He said having a government in power that demonstrates such strong
will to cub corruption is an opportunity to shape the future. It
doesn’t only means bringing past stewards to book but also serves as a
deterrent to even the government in power.

“Having served in several local and international positions as a
young leader with recognitions from institutions such as the
Commonwealth, AU, United Nations, US States Department and the Dag
Hammarskjold Foundation etc to name a few, with the level of policy
experience to discern whether a government means business, we’re first
and foremost pleased with the level of commitment demonstrated so far
by government of President Bio, noting the appointment of a youth in
person of Francis Ben Keifala to lead the fight against corruption.
This clearly indicates that the President is asking the youth to take
control of the future.” He said.

He said The GTT reports comes in amidst some controversies but in a
whole would definitely benefit every single Sierra Leonean especially
if the processes leading to the recovery of state’s wealth and
prosecution of corrupt officials is done in transparent lawful orderly
manner so as to ensure trust and destroy the web of impunity.

It’s been a very painful experience growing up in a country blessed
with so much natural resources but yet have to struggle for survival.
A country that has been ravaged by poverty.

“We remain committed and are ready to fight along with the government
to make Sierra Leone a better place for every citizens”.

By Maddieu A A T Kabbah