Survey Reveals Over 80% Of Corruption In Ghana Occurs In The Civil Service


    A perception survey conducted by civil society group Pensplusbyte, has cited the Civil and Public services as accounting for over 80% of the corrupt practices in the country.

    The research which covered four regions – Ashanti, Volta, Western and the Greater Accra – was centered on corruption and gauged what respondents think about key government institutions and agencies

    Also, whereas 56% of Ghanaians were of the view that the creation of the office of the Special Prosecutor will thoroughly deal with corruption, 29 % disagrees.

    Also in the findings, 70% of Ghanaians were disturbed that the passage of the Right to Information bill has delayed.

    Respondents also criticized government for failing to initiate steps towards the election of Metropolitan, Municipal and District Chief Executives.

    On the overall perception assessment of corruption in the country, Pensplusbyte revealed 95.8% of Ghanaians are of the view corruption in the country is on the increase.

    The research spanned for a period of 15 months proposed to government to resource state agencies to help them fight corruption.

    At the launch of the research report Wednesday, June 20, in Accra, Deputy Commissioner of the Commission on Human Right and Administrative Justice (CHRAJ), Richard Quayson expressed grave concern about commitment of government to fighting corruption.

    “How do you explain how a nation that has adopted a multi-institution approach to fighting corruption and has established institutions like CHRAJ,EOCO, NCCE, PAC and audit service and yet that notion cannot invest even 1% of its annual budget in these institutions to fight the number one threat to our economy”, he bemoaned.

    By 3news