President Koroma’s Daughter, Others To Face Murder Trial In Sierra Leone


    News in Sierra Leone, West Africa indicate that former President of Sierra Leone-Ernest Bai Koroma’s daughter Dankay Koroma and other All Peoples Congress (APC) members are expected to face trial for allegedly murdering the Managing Editor of New Age Newspaper-Ibrahim Samura. The murdered Journalist has been buried over the weekend at the Lumley cemetery, Freetown.

    1. Dankay Koroma
    2. Herbert George Williams
    3. Sanusi Bruskie
    4. Washingai Mansaray
    5. Abu Bakarr Daramy
    6. Alomed
    7. Moisa Kekura

    The autopsy result to ascertain the actual cause of death of journalist, Ibrahim Samura is out and states that journalist Ibrahim Brima Samura died of a heart attack triggered by a fractured skull caused by a brutal beating he suffered under the hands of seven APC thugs.The autopsy itself was carried out by Consultant Pathologist Dr. Owizz Koroma who has an experience in pathology spanning over 30 years. He did his job independently and without a mindset or any form of bias.

    For the skull of a human being to be fractured, there has to have been a heavy force applied to it by a blunt instrument or through a heavy fall.

    In the case of journalist Samura, it is evidently clear that brute force was employed with the use of a blunt instrument, in this case a heavy chain, to cause that fracture on his skull which eventually led to his sorrowful death. It was a force applied to deliberately cause grievous bodily harm that resulted in the fracture of his skull that triggered a heart attack that pushed him to his grave prematurely.

    That attack which took place on the 31st March 2018, the very day the presidential runoff election for the 2018 Presidential Election took place, had all the hallmarks of malice aforethought and also the actual determination of the attackers to cause grievous bodily harm itself was premeditated and deliberate.

    Samura’s attackers, Dankay Koroma, Herbert George Williams, Sanusi Bruskie, Washingai, Alomed, Abu Bakarr Daramy and Moisa Kekura, will face the music.

    Herbert George Williams is the convicted former mayor of Freetown City Council who, after his disgraceful sacking took upon himself to always be seen around the Presidency to perpetrate mayhem. Sanusi Bruskie is a prominent APC thug who is facing trial for beaten up of another Journalist working for Concord Times Newspaper. Washingai Mansaray was the Deputy Transport Minister who was sexually abusing school children.

    Abu Bakarr Daramy is the PRO of the APC in Western Area who has been transporting thugs across the country to instill fear in innocent voters. Alomed was one of the errand boys of the former President.

    Moisa Kekura is the owner of the Future Newspaper who was financed by President Koroma to blackmail President Julius Maada Bio who was in opposition. He became a journalist over night to defame prominent personalities seen as threat to the APC Government.
    Human Rights groups and local journalists are calling on the ruling SLPP Government to investigate and allow justice to prevail.
    Amnesty International Executive Director, Solomon Sogbandi stated that, “we are very much disturbed by the death of journalist Ibrahim Samura, especially the circumstance leading to his death.”
    He said the brutal murder or assault on our journalists is not good for the country’s democracy and its Human Rights record.
    Amnesty International therefore called on the Government to ensure a speedy investigation and bring perpetrators to book.

    By Pastor Mohamed Sesay