Liberian Journalists Urged President Weah To Copy From President Bio


    Journalists from one of Liberia’s credible media outlets-Front Page Africa have appealed to President George Opong Weah to learn from President Julius Maada Bio in transforming the country.

    President Bio is Sierra Leone’s 7th democratically elected President who defeated his main challenger -Samura Kamara in the just concluded 2018 multi tier elections. He campaigned on a platform of change and stringent financial management with quality education for all.
    His recent actions to bring rapid reforms have gained a lot of international commendations.

    Appealing to President George Opong Weah through their widely read newspaper, the Editorial Team said, “We would like you to take cue from some cuts your Sierra Lenean counterpart, Mr. Julius Maada Bio made..”

    Referencing one of the latest impressive decisions taken by President Bio, the Liberian Journalists said, “President Bio directed with immediate effect that purchase of vehicles by all Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) and public corporations is banned until a new Fleet Management Policy is put in place.”

    Front Page Africa, was founded in 2005 by Liberian fearless and stubborn Journalist Rodney Sieh.
    Sieh has also employed some of the best women journalists in Liberia, namely; Mae Aganzo, Tecee Boley and Wade Williams.

    The Front Page Africa editorial team asserted that the Sierra Leonean President also directed cuts in many other areas, including over overseas travels, awarding contracts, recruiting new civil servants, etc.

    It could be recalled that after the recent meeting with his Cabinet Ministers and other senior members of the Executive on Wednesday, President Weah’s Press Office announced that he and his lieutenants had agreed that in continuation of his “pro-poor agenda, they adopted several measures to enhance the government’s position in realization of its objective.

    Among them was the reduction or standardization of salaries for Ministers of Government and Heads of autonomous agencies. The decision was reached on Wednesday, April 25, during the Cabinet’s second session at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, chaired by President Weah.

    The Cabinet also took a number of austerity measures aimed at the standardization salaries across government, especially within the Executive Branch.”

    President Weah further asked top officials of other branches of the government, including the Judiciary and Legislature to see reason to make personal adjustments in their monthly incomes and return it to the government because of his new “pro-poor agenda,” which is geared towards the welfare of the poor in the country.

    In Sierra Leone, President Bio has received a standing ovation across the world for being an action oriented President unlike his predecessors. In just a month his leadership prowess has been second to none.

    By Elkass Sannoh