Breaking News …”Sierra Leone Elections Will Be A Second Round”


    “Sierra Leone Elections Will Be a Second Round”
    Says National Election Watch

    Like Global Africa News, the National Election Watch(NEW), a Coalition of Local and International Organizations in Sierra Leone has just revealed that the Sierra Leone multitier elections will go into a run off as non of the political parties secured the 55% threshold prescribed by the 1991 Constitution.

    In a press release, NEW stated that, “there will be a second round of voting because none of the candidates will secure the 55% Constitutional threshol drequired to avoid a run-off.”

    NEW wishes to assure the public that it has empirical evidence to support this projection. The news release notes that “tallying of results is ongoing across the country and therefore urges all citizens and political parties to wait patiently for NEC to announce the official results.”

    NEW also urges all state institutions to remain neutral and professional in the conduct of their official mandates.
    The National Election Watch is part ofthe Standing Together for Democracy Consortium
    supported by UKAID.