PRESIDENT KOROMA’S UNFULFILLED BOGUS PROMISES …And The Ruling APC Government Misuses State Resources


    Ernest Bai Koroma whilst campaigning in 2007 under the ticket of the opposition All People’s Congress (APC) Party accused the ruling Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) of using government vehicles and civil servants to campaign on its behalf. He appealed to the international community to put a check to the “misuse of state resources” for political or selfish gains.

    During all his campaign trails, he promised to strongly fight corruption and that there will be no sacred cow in his government. One of the deceitful ways he succeeded to win over the media industry was his promised to remove the obnoxious Part 5 of the 1965 Public Order Act.Because this archaic law criminalizes journalists, President Ernest Bai Koroma insisted that the law will be removed from our law book.He further promised to separate the Justice Ministry from the Office of Attorney General.

    As if that was not enough, he is on record to say he will notappointa sitting Member of Parliament to Ministerial position.

    As President, Ernest Bai Koroma promised that he would ensure that the lives of every Sierra Leonean are improved without sentiment or political affiliation. In fact he promised to lay his precious life for the youth by providing more jobs and reduce the highest unemployment rate in the country.

    Even though President Ahmad Tejan Kabbah of blessed memory stated in his handing over speech: “My government inherited a public debt of 1.6 billion United States Dollars. With stringent financial practice, today, we enjoy total debt relief and over 500 billion Leones at the Central Bank for use by your Government,” yet President Koroma’s led APC government said they virtually did not meet a cent in the state coffer/purse.

    Today, Sierra Leone External Debt Portfolio which was 1.3 billion United States Dollars in December 2016 grew by 120 billion to 1.47 billion United States Dollars as at June 2017. This means President Koroma’s promiseon economic prudence were what PMDC Secretary General called “complete bogus and unfulfilled promises.”

    At the National Stadium during his inaugural address in November 2017, President Koroma enthusiastically called on Sierra Leoneans to change their attitudes from the usual but negative way of doing things, “we must change our attitude,” hence the birth of the Agenda for Change and the establishment of the Attitudinal and Behavioural Change Secretariat.

    Judging from his insurance background to turn the economy around and put it on a better and productive footing, he further promised to run the country as a business. Indeed no one dare asked how and who will get the accrued profits.
    He skillfully used education to lure voters to his nest but to the displeasure of parents, the Minister of Education, Science and Technology-Dr. Minkhailu Bah has been very much successful in chasing “Ghost Teachers” to an extent that the living teachers are now becominga ghost.

    Without being equivocal, President Ernest Bai Koroma’s tenure has been one of nightmare without day break. He promised “no sacred cows” but it appears as if the grazing sites for all the cows have been infiltrated by humans so the cows are feeding everywhere because they are hungry. Now that he is exiting the corridors of political power, he has left many sacred cows that are being recycled from one governance institution to the other. This is a complete failure and therefore corruption has become the rule rather than the exception.

    Standard Times’ Executive Editor-Philip Neville once described the situation as, “Hard Times in Sierra Leone.” He described the promises made by President Koroma as “bogus.” According to the publication, “Most part of his campaign promises has since been shelved, with few successes such as road rehabilitation and the provision of electricity to some part of the city. Youth unemployment has been a major concern as it continues to rise on an unimaginable proportion.

    The Youth Commission he promised to establish is more of a dream than reality and the quest for sustainability and livelihood of the youths in major cities and towns has resulted to armed robbery and pick-pocketing as they are left to fend for themselves both night and during the day.”

    Regarding the misuse of state resources, the publication says, “What the APC leader and President of Sierra Leone Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma accused the previous SLPP government of using civil servants and government vehicles to campaign during the last 2007 Presidential and Parliamentary elections is proving himself to be guilty of the offence as government vehicles and civil servants were seen openly campaigning on behalf of the APC party at the Kenema bye-election and the Pujehun Parliamentary election.” The use of state resources by the ruling APC Government to campaign has been reportedly legalized leaving the average citizen in poverty.

    The current Minister of Defence-Paolo Conteh was asked to apologize for using one of his convoy vehicles to campaign for the APC in Constituency 107 ahead of Saturday 14th November 2015 bye election. This demand was made by the Program Director-Media Center for Governance Reform. He added that the “act is unacceptable and called on the military authorities to provide an answer for the misuse of tax payers’ money.” What action did President Koroma take for such abuse of power?

    Do we need a sorcerer to tell us that youth unemployment is on the increase with no end in sight? Do we need an ‘Alfa Man’ to tell us that inflation is high beyond the required digits? Do we need a Priest to tell us that majority of Sierra Leoneans are suffering without the normal three meal per day? Who do we need to tell us thateconomic mismanagement and bad policies have become the root cause of the country’s poor economic performance and the hardship suffered by majority of Sierra Leoneans? Do we need an academic expert to tell us that President Koroma’s decision to travel with a 49-man delegation to attend the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) conference in New York is a complete waste of state resources? Who do we need now to tell us that President Koroma inherited a debt-free Sierra Leone but he is leaving us in huge debt?

    The deadly Ebola Virus Disease is a glaring example of economic mismanagement. The much trumpeted Hajjgate shows leadership failure. We were catapulted to Agenda for Austerity and nothing came out of the austerity measures put in place by the Government.

    Bumbuna hydro project meant to supply 50 megawatts only succeeded in providing 18 or a total of 30 megawatts with support from other thermal plants. The list is endless but the latest is the Ministers with “2 sims” who were expected to rise since the matter came into public domain.

    This is a complete bogus and unfulfilled promise, as reiterated by Dr. Sesay. Efforts to get the reaction from the Presidential Spokesperson-Abdulai Baratay proved futile despite reasonable efforts.

    This is the Pen of The Voiceless Sierra Leoneans
    with Elkass Sannoh