DISGRACEFUL… APC Violates Sierra Leone Constitution in Kamalo; Alters National Flag


    The Political Parties Registration Commission Act No. 3 of 2002 prohits the use of the country’s national flag by any Political Party for identification. The Sierra Leone Constitution-Act No. 6 of 1991 endorses same.

    The ruling All Peoples Congress (APC) led Government today, Sunday 25th February 2018 placed its party’s symbol on the Sierra Leone national flag (Green, White and Blue) in Kamalo town, Karene District-the birth place of Samura Kamara (APC Presidential Candidate). The APC led Government implanted its symbol (the sun) on the Sierra Leone National Flag and gave it to school children for a solidarity march, in violation of the PPRC Act.

    According to Claudia Anthony on mobile phone, the pupils from different schools marched to welcome President Ernest Bai Koroma and the APC Presidential Candidate-Dr. Samura Kamara who were heading to Kamakwie but passed through Kamalo for a guard of honour. She says she witnessed the unfortunate event and decided to film.

    “The act of misusing our national heritage and emblem is a disrespect to our forefathers who fought for our independence, ” says Bamidele Thompson-PMDC National Chairman. He says children should not be brought into national politics by any Political Party. He described such action by the APC in Kamalo as “disgraceful”.

    C”This is the home of Dr Samura Matthew Wilson Kamara, the All People’s Congress’ presidential wannabe for the March 7 national polling day. In one of the photos, school children are made to queue and march with the APC flag and the national flag with the APC logo printed on the white. The children are made to disperse the moment I started shooting,” said Claudia Anthony-former General Manager of AYV Media Empire on her Facebook page.

    The Green, White and Blue’s flag is a sacred item that holds great significance symbolizing independence from Colonial rule. The Union Jack at the Lancaster House was submerged by the Sierra Leone national flag to attach great importance to it in celebration of independence.

    In other countries with responsible leadership, each individual is taught right from childhood to respect the national flag. The feelings of patriotism and loyalty to a country are ingrained in the minds of individuals right from the time they are in school.

    Many Sierra Leoneans view this as an arant disrespect for the country’s values and a disgrace to our flag by the ruling APC.
    SierraLeoneans have struggled for many years to achieve this independence that we enjoy today. The national flag not just represents the freedom we enjoy but also the effort of our great leaders who struggled to achieve this freedom.
    “Sierra Leone Is Not Owned By APC And Our National Flag Is Not The APC Flag/Symbol,” said Abdulai Jalloh and questioned “Why Kamalo Again?”

    Every individual shoulders the responsibility to pass on the loyalty and respect for the country to the children. Imbibing such qualities in children requires you to explain to them what a nation means to each individual. You need to tell your children the great stories of the Sierra Leone Struggle For Independence and explain to them the true value of the freedom enjoyed by all Sierra Leoneans rather than discrediting that struggle suffered for by our forefathers.” This is missing and undermines patriotism.

    Edward Amara from the Hamid College of Information and Technology queried, “why involve school pupils who are yet to reach the decision age in life to blindly support ideologies they cannot better understand?”
    He said, “it’s hightime our politicians started diagnosing themselves. Perhaps he who knows that he has a problem will willingly seek for its solution.”
    Efforts to get reactions from the National Publicity Secretary-Cornelius Deveaux proved futile. Responses from him will be published.

    By Elkass Sannoh