“Sierra Leone Judiciary Is Unfair” Young Peace Builders Survey Reveals


    A local non-profit making organization based in Sierra Leone has revealed that the country’s judicial system is highly unfair in the dispensation of justice.
    The survey conducted by Young Peace Builders (YPB) states that those who conducted the survey were not only apprehensive but worried about the peace and security of Sierra Leone.

    The survey captures high young unemployment, lack of quality affordable health care, lack of affordable quality education and impunity among corrupt officials serving in governments.

    YPB notes that “politicians have been seen dishing out monies to groups of youth across the country with negative propaganda in an attempt to wrongly use them at their own (politicians) advantage.”

    “The intention for that is for the vulnerable youth to defend or fight for those political parties even to death.”
    In one of their many awareness raising campaigns to orientate the minds of young people, Young Peace Builders has embarked on a peer-to-peer door-to-door non-violence community sensitization to caution and counter the negative/hates speeches spread by some politicians.

    This was done ahead of one of the most crucial and internationally monitored general elections in Sierra Leone.
    Since the end of the civil war, Sierra Leone has seen two democratically elected governments. The Ahmed Tejan Kabba led Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) government and the Ernest Bai Koroma led All Peoples Congress government. Even though there has been a number of achievements and growth within the democratic spectrum, there are still more challenges.

    YPB’s campaign is being undertaken simultaneously across the country with engagement of community youth leaders, political party executives, security apparatus and other relevant stakeholders.

    Speaking to Global Africa News, Beatrice O’Cornor, Daniel P. Conteh and Emmanuel George Bangura, all volunteers of Young Peace Builders in Sierra Leone, they expressed commitments to combating violence and hate speeches. They promised to resist all forms of violence in order to have a credible elections.

    Fatmata Turay filed in this report from Sierra Leone