Global Africa Media Demands Immediate Release Of Detained Police Officers


One of Africa’s leading advocacy, multimedia and online news outlets-Global Africa Media has urged the Sierra Leone Police to give bail to 13 dismissed police officers who now being detained at the Pademba road maximum prison.

IMMEDIATE RELEASE Date 9th January 2018


FREETOWN, Sierra Leone: We are appalled by the unfolding development which has led to the dismissal of thirteen police recruits after reportedly “found wanton of contravening the 2001 Police Discipline Regulations.”

In as much as we commend the current police leadership, may we state that the Internal Discipline Mechanism used for trail was not exhaustive to arrive at the conclusion that out of 300 police recruits, only 13 contravene the Police Disciplinary Code of Ethics and therefore charged with:
• Disrespectful in act, contrary to Paragraph 9 Rule 3 of the Discipline Code under Second Schedule of the Police Discipline Regulations of 2001.
• Communicating to any unauthorised persons matters of the force without leave from the superior police officer.
• Conduct to the prejudice of good order and discipline

Like the Military Court Martial, the accused persons were allowed to be represented and where necessary, witnesses were allowed. We are not calling for same but we are demanding that the dismissed recruits be granted bail. Refusing to grant them bail is a gross violation of their fundamental human rights and abuse of Act No. 6 of the 1991 Constitution.

Pursuant to law, they were entitled to bail which was accordingly applied for by their Lawyer-Abdul Karim Koroma through a correspondence dated 8th February 2018 addressed to the Inspector General of Police and other top officials of the police.
“Detaining without bail is gross violation of their fundamental rights and inconsistent with the provisions of chapter three of our constitution,” said Lawyer Abdul Karim Koroma.

At this crucial time, the action to keep them in custody for more than two weeks without bail is not only bad policing, but undermines Section 79 of the 1965 Criminal Procedure Act.

Today, Friday 9th February 2018, Human Rights Lawyers, Civil Society Organisations, Journalists and family members were at Court No. 1 before Magistrate Santigi Bangura for more than four hours and the dismissed recruits were never presented as promised by the Criminal Investigation Department.

Why still keep them in custody without bail? Why were they refused to be presented to Court?



Francis Limontas Archepong Elkass Sannoh
Head of Communications and Multimedia Advisor Chief Global Editor
ACCRA, Ghana FREETOWN, Sierra Leone

Cc: Head of Police Council-HE Hon. Victor Bockarie Foh
Attorney General and Minister of Justice
The Inspector General of Police
The Deputy Inspector General of Police
Director of CID
UN Under Secretary
All Embassies
Human Rights Commission
Legal Aid Board
Lawyer Abdul Karim Koroma-Yada Williams and Associates


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