GROSS HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATION… Over 15 Sierra Leone Police OfficersTo Appear Court Tomorrow After Dismissal

After one week in custody at the Criminal Investigation Department, over 15 police recruits have been dismissed today and are to appear Court tomorrow.
“Detaining without bail is gross violation of their fundamental rights and inconsistent with the provisions of chapter three of our constitution,” said Lawyer Abdul KarimKoroma. He said his clients were recruited on the condition that graduates would pass out as Inspectors. “Even though they have been dismissed, my clients are still in detention without bail.”
In his letter soliciting for bail for 13 of his clients, he stated that, “assuming that the force is contemplating any post hearing action against them, the law on bail is very clear.” His plea has not been granted.
It could be recalled that this pronouncement to promote all graduates was made by the outgone Police Management Board headed by the erstwhile Inspector General-Francis AllieuMunu. Under the current police management headed by Dr. Richard Moigbeh, the Deputy Inspector General of Police-Al-ShekKamara has refuted that decision calling it “improper” and a wrong policy.

Asked whether they went through fair trail, Lawyer AKK said, “I can’t comment much on the procedure because they didn’t allow for legal representation.” He added that“they said it was an internal discipline mechanism.”
Lawyer AKK of Yada Williams Chambers noted that, it was only few days to the passing out ceremony that his client realised that only lawyers, doctors and other professionals would pass out as inspectors instead of what they were initially told.
One of the dismissed recruits who prefer anonymity explained that, “I graduated from Fourah Bay College and did my Masters in Public Administration at the Institute of Public Administration and Management. I left my job to serve my country but I was sincerely captivated to leave my job because of the memo that was sent out during the advertisement.We were informed that it was a policy agreed by the Executive Management Board of the Sierra Leone Police that all graduates will pass-out as Inspectors. This decision was also endorsed by the current Inspector General and his Deputy.”

He claimed that the current Deputy Inspector General reversed that decision because, according him, all intakes were done by his former boss (IG Munu) and that some are his relatives.

“As Assistant Inspector General of police then, Al-ShekKamara was the head of Operations and was part of all decisions. He knows he is deliberately trying to undermine his former boss,” he affirmed.
Some of the dismissed recruits who are still in detention are: AmaduKanu 16795; SulaimanJalloh16850; Mohamed Soumnie16917; Santos SesayConteh 16658; John Bosco Kamara16792; Ibrahim KalemasaSesay 16651; Diana Decker 16868; James J Yovonnie 16828; Alusine B Kamara 16887; SahrKaikonjorLamin 16750; Michael Tucker 16799; Gustavous VO King 16740 and Raymond Jimmy Sowa 16739.
When contacted, the Deputy Inspector General did not comment and could not reply to our text message sent from Ghana.

By Idress Turay

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