NEC Releases Election Campaign Calendar Today


    Sierra Leone’s elections regulatory body has today, 1st February 2018 released the campaign calendar for the March 7,2018 multitier elections pursuant to Section 148, sub Section (1) of the Public Elections Act of 2012.

    According to a press statement signed by the Chief Electoral Commissioner-Mohamed N’fa Ali Conteh, the campaign calendar was made public in agreement with all of the seventeen registered political parties.

    In a mobile phone interview with the Director of Media and External Relations-Albert Massaquoi, “the campaign commences on Sunday, 4th February and ends on Monday March 5th 2018.”  The campaign calendar covers candidates contesting the Presidential, Ordinary Member of Parliament and Local Council elections.


    He assured that the commission will not subscribe to any alteration by any political party for change of date, as according to him, “we declared the campaign dates in consultation with all registered political parties and therefore the commission would not accept any change of date.”

    It could be recalled that the dates for nomination of Presidential and Parliamentary candidates were altered by some political parties and the commission accommodated those alterations with no reprimand.

    The campaign starts with three political parties in Kenema and Kailahun Districts-Citizens Democratic Party, United Democratic Movement and Unity Party.

    Asked whether it will be safe for different political parties to campaign on the same day without chaos, Massaquio saidthe decision was consented to by the leadership of those political parties and assured that it will be violent free.

    Among the seventeen registered political parties are; the ruling All Peoples Congress, Alliance Democratic Party, Citizens Democratic Party, Coalition for Change Party, National Democratic Alliance Party, National Grand Coalition Party, National Progressive Democrats, National Unity and Reconciliation Party, Peace and Liberation Party Peoples Movement for Democratic Change Party, Revolutionary United Front Party, Republic National Independent Party, Sierra Leone Peoples Party, United Democratic Movement Party, United National Peoples Party and Unity Party.

    By ElkassSannoh